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After selecting the console you're on. Select the amount of coins you'd like to purchase, in this example we'll buy 100k for the Xbox ONE.

Prepare to put up a player on the MUT Auction block for the amount of coins you're buying for 24 hours. (Use a worthless card you have no use for, set the buy it now price for the amount of coins you are purchasing) and use the start price that we give you (see below)

Fill in the details of the player you're preparing to put up on the next stage of the purchasing process. (This page will also give you a unique start price, this will be different for every order and this helps us find your card, this is the start price you list your player for along with the buy it now of the amount of coins you purchase) List your card and ensure all the information you submit on the below form is correct.
Checkout using PayPal or Skrill. 
STEP 6: 
Go out buy those dream players, and start winning!

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